"Under love's heavy burden do I sink."


Queen of Hearts is a limited capsule collection inspired by Baz Luhrmann's 1996 cinematic retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Heavily influenced by religious iconography, Victorian and Ancient Roman jewelry, and Renaissance art—the collection explores themes of devotion, sacrifice and desire through the use of archetypal symbols. Roses, cherubs, hearts, and daggers appear throughout the collection along with deep blood red rubies and bright cherry colored fire opals- simultaneously evoking a sense of romance and tenderness with an undertone of looming tragedy.

a collection of fine jewelry inspired by antiquities, art history and ancient relics— designed and crafted through a modernist sculptural lens.

ochre [oh-ker] an earthy pigment containing ferric oxide, typically with clay, varying from light yellow to brown or red.

The history of human adornment traces its origins back to the use of yellow ochre. Ancient humans spread this pigment all over their skin and the walls of their dwellings as the earliest form of ornamentation and decoration.

Ochre Objects is an exploration of this essential need to express oneself through adornment. We see jewelry as a form of language, storytelling, and self expression; one that is inherently human and connects us to our personal histories.


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