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Materials & Sustainability

All of our pieces are cast in 100% certified refined and recycled gold and silver by an experienced family-owned casting house in New York City. All of our chains are produced in Italy.
We purchase our diamonds from several trusted family-owned suppliers based in New York City. We use two different types of diamonds in our designs: Antique/ post consumer recycled and reclaimed.
Post Consumer Recycled and Antique // Stones retrieved from previously-owned, period, and estate jewelry, purchased and resold at auction or from personal collections. Antique is considered 100 years old or more.
Reclaimed //  Stones cut from material that would otherwise be discarded.
Though the diamond industry has become more and more regulated in terms of the ethics of sourcing, we choose to incorporate reclaimed and recycled diamonds into our designs an effort to utilize the existing supply chain of diamonds, rather than contributing to the further mining of natural resources. Though it is often impossible to provide the origins or ethics of recycled stones, we have decided in the interest of sustainability to work primarily with recycled material.
Wherever possible, we design with colored stones that can be traced back to a specific origin and we do our very best to source material with the shortest supply chains possible. We have strong relationships with and trust in our vendors who source directly from miners all around the globe, and who share our commitment to responsible sourcing. All colored stones are meticulously inspected for quality and character. The origins of our stones are provided in each listing. We happily welcome any and all questions about the origins of our stones, in the interest of transparency and empowered buying.
All of our shipping materials are either 100% recycled or recyclable. Our necklace and ring boxes are made from FSC certified materials.