Cumulus X Aqueous Charm 01

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The Cumulus Collections are a material study of one of a kind forms, inspired by cloud-like shapes. Each one shifts and morphs in unexpected ways, appearing differently to each wearer, playing with ideas of perception and light. Made from melted recycled 14K gold scraps collected over time in our studio. Each piece is completely unique and expressive, designed to be soft and tactile. A small token one can touch and play with and feel comforted in times of distress. A sense of peace and comfort amongst the storm. 

The Aqueous Collection is comprised of 7 one of a kind 14k gold charms that are hand melted and sculpted from pre-consumer gold scraps collected over time in the studio.  Each one is set with an irregular shaped antique white rosecut diamond that has been reclaimed and recycled from antique pieces of jewelry. The diamonds have a platinum foil backing behind them to give them a mirrored, reflective surface quality, much like pools of water. Foil backing is a deeply historical jewelry technique that dates back to 2000BC but is mostly associated with Georgian and Early Victorian jewelry. It is a process in which is a thin sheet of metal is placed behind a stone to enhance its appearance and color by reflecting more light through the stone. The collection offers a fresh take on traditional old world materials and techniques by incorporating them into irregular and sculptural forms, resulting in pieces that feel both historic and modern.

  • solid 14K yellow gold
  • 0.19CT antique white rosecut diamond
  • platinum backing behind the stone
  • due to the melting and gold recycling process of these pieces certain imperfections will occur in each piece. This is not a defect but rather a reflection of the uniqueness and abstract quality of the cumulus process. 

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