Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts is a limited capsule collection inspired by Baz Luhrmann's 1996 cinematic retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Heavily influenced by religious iconography, Victorian and Ancient Roman jewelry, and Renaissance art—the collection explores themes of devotion, sacrifice and desire through the use of archetypal symbols. Roses, cherubs, hearts, and daggers appear throughout the collection along with deep blood red rubies and bright cherry colored fire opals- simultaneously evoking a sense of romance and tenderness with an undertone of looming tragedy.

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  • OOAK Verona Ring 01
    OOAK Verona Ring 01
    Sold Out
  • OOAK Verona Ring 02
    OOAK Verona Ring 02
    $3,640.00 USD
  • OOAK Verona Ring 03
    OOAK Verona Ring 03
    $4,950.00 USD
  • OOAK Verona Ring 04
    OOAK Verona Ring 04
    $4,300.00 USD
  • Balthasar Pearl Collar
    Balthasar Pearl Collar
    $1,190.00 USD
  • Capulet Charm
    Capulet Charm
    Sold Out
  • Queen of Hearts Charm
    Queen of Hearts Charm
    $595.00 USD
  • Benvolio Charm
    Benvolio Charm
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  • Montague Charm
    Montague Charm
    $895.00 USD
  • Rosaline Charm
    Rosaline Charm
    Sold Out
  • Mercutio Charm
    Mercutio Charm
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  • Rose Paris Charm
    Rose Paris Charm
    $1,495.00 USD
  • Cherub Paris Charm
    Cherub Paris Charm
    $1,495.00 USD
  • Sacred Heart Paris Charm
    Sacred Heart Paris Charm
    $1,495.00 USD
  • Rosaline Stud
    Rosaline Stud
    $275.00 USD
  • Mirrored Rosaline Stud
    Mirrored Rosaline Stud
    Sold Out
  • Montague Earrings
    Montague Earrings
    $1,195.00 USD
  • Mercutio Earrings
    Mercutio Earrings
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  • Capulet Earrings
    Capulet Earrings
    $1,980.00 USD
  • Rosaline Bracelet
    Rosaline Bracelet
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  • Rosaline Permanence Charm
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